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2019-2020 BBC Season Packet (July 2019 – June 2020)

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD,
“Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
Plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11

Atlanta Tamil Church began the BBC in the year 2010. BBC ministry insists on Family (Parents)-Faith (Church)-Fellowship (Competition). So, parents are the key source for teaching at home, church encourages the members with their faith, and competition provides them with lot of new friends who are standing stronger for God. Through the past 9 years, God’s leading is amazingly shaping the young minds to study and store God’s Word in their hearts. We saw many victories in the competitions, but our hope is to see the younger generation to have the zeal for God and bear good fruit when they grow and plan their future. During the new season, we will continue to sow the Word of God with prayer and compete with Assemblies of God quizzing programs

The last day for registration is August 5th, 2019. There will be a $20 extra charge for late registrants.

Following are the programs available in our BBC:

We offer the Peewee Bible Quiz (PBQ) for our 4 and 5-year-old younger children. This division covers 288 ten-point questions in the bible-fact pack. They will be attending 6 competitions. The club members will be assigned to a team of 2 – 4 quizzers. They will be competing as a team in the competitions. This will be a great opportunity for parents to introduce scripture at home. There are so many videos and songs that support these questions and you can show and talk to them about it while you are teaching them to hide God?s Holy Word. Competition is only a motivational part and the main thing is hiding God?s Word in their heart. Parents are expected to serve either as a coach to the team or as an official during the competition. Quizzers will be successful and feel motivated when their parents are active participants in the club. Location for the competitions will be announced in the beginning of August.

What:Junior Bible Quiz offers a fun, exciting way to motivate children to understand the all-important truths in God’s Word.

Who:For children enrolled in grades one through sixth. Parents, grandparents and friends are encouraged to participate as well.

How:Children work together on teams to learn and understand the Bible using the Bible Fact-Pak. This program host five regular league matches from September – February and a State Finals competition in March. There are twenty questions in a match, with two teams of quizzers trying to beat each other to the buzzer to get the first shot at the answers. Each round will quiz ten-10-point questions, seven-20-point questions, and three-30-point questions. There are several rounds of competition at each league meet.

Levels of competition There are 3 levels – A, B and X League.

A League (JBQ A): :– This league is open to returning teams of children in 1st-6th grade. Quizzers will quiz out forwards with ten-bonus points after answering 6 questions correctly, Quizzers will quiz out backwards after three incorrect answers. National guidelines will be followed throughout the competitions.

B League (JBQ B): :– This league is open to new and returning quizzers of any grade from 1st to 6th. Quizzers will quiz out forwards with ten bonus points after answering 5 questions correctly, Quizzers will quiz out backwards after three incorrect answers.

X League (JBQ X):: This league is open to new quizzers of any grade from 1st to 6th. Interrupting questions will be encouraged to progress throughout the season, but not required. Quizzers will quiz out forwards with ten bonus points after answering 5 questions correctly, Quizzers will quiz out backwards after three incorrect answers.

Where:: League and District meet locations are determined after all registrations are in. Teams are generally placed into geographical regions.

Awards:: At the end of each regular league meet, ribbons are awarded for the top individual quizzers based on the total points accumulated for the day. At the final regular league match, trophies are awarded for the top individual quizzers based on the average points for the season. State final awards are based on that day’s competition only; teams receive plaques and the top quizzers receive trophies or ribbons. The first-place team in JBQ A in State finals receives an invitation to JBQ National Festival, and the top four teams receive an invitation to the JBQ Southeast Regional competition.

Officials: Two people per team are required to serve as officials to help the JBQ day run effectively. There are four positions available.
• Quizmaster – Is the one who keeps a match going. They are key in making the quizzers feel comfortable and creating a positive atmosphere. They ask the questions in the match.
• Score Keeper – Keeps score during each match (they will be required to watch a video before each match to make sure they are familiar with the scoring process)
• Time Keeper – Keeps time and resets the quiz box during the match.
• Judge – Makes sure the questions are asked and answered appropriately and that the quizmaster judges fairly.

Personal Achievement Recognition: There are several achievement options available for quizzers or any adult to earn award towards the end of the year. The Bible Master Award Program is available to all league quizzers, officials and coaches. The Master Award Program has four seals. You can participate in this program anytime in the plan year. Those who participate in this program are recognized with a pin and medal at state finals. To be recognized, you need to complete your achievement by February 7, 2020. (There is a $10 fee for each program that you participate).

Here is the list of programs:
1. Discoverer Seal correctly answering 20 of 30 random 10-point questions from the book.
2. Searcher Seal correctly answering 25 of 30 random 10-point questions and 15 of 20 random 20-point questions from the book.
3. Achiever Seal correctly answering 28 of 30 random 10-point questions, 18 of 20 random 20-point questions and 6 of 10 random 30-point questions from the book.
To be recognized for The Bible Master and Beyond the Master Awards at State Finals, you must complete the following achievements by February 7,2020. ($20 fee per award)
4. Master Seal correctly answering 59 of 60 random questions; that is 30-10-point questions, 20 20-point questions and 10 30-point questions from the book.
Beyond the Bible Master Award is an award program for quizzers who have earned the Bible Master Award and are ready to go beyond—to reach the next level of mastery.
5. Bible Quoter: Quizzers must correctly answer all 95-quotation questions (107 verses) that have been randomly selected.
6. Bible Excellence: Quizzers must correctly answer at least 571 randomly selected questions from the 576 Bible Fact-Pak questions.

Who: For middle and high school students

What: TBQ competition takes the teens to the next level of learning God’s Word. This year the teens are going to study the Gospel of John. During the season, students attend several competitions within their state to review their study and understanding of God’s Word. Towards the end of the season, there will be an optional opportunity to preach for other teens and leaders as part of what they learn throughout the season.
Levels of Competition: Teams in the Georgia State will compete in four league classifications.

1. Georgia Experience League (4th -12th) / X League:
This is the bible quiz for the beginners who wanted to try TBQ. In this, quizzers will be quizzing over several chapters of John—a total of only 182 verses! Anyone can study an average of about a verse a day. Not a lot of memorization is required, and only four Saturdays are needed for the quiz meets. There are no review questions for each meet. After Meet 4, the students will have studied and quizzed 4 chapters of John for the season!

2. Middle School League (6th -8th) / Intramural League (6th -12th) / B League:
Teams composed of 2-6 quizzers (recommend 3-4) who are enrolled in grades 6-8 for middle school or have a combination of middle and high school students. In this level, students will be studying 9 chapters from the Gospel of John. The competition at this level advances up to South East Regionals. (Middle School Students Only).

3. Varsity League (6th -12th) / A League:
Teams composed of 2-6 quizzers (recommend 3-4) who are enrolled in grades 6-12. Students will be studying fully the Gospel of John during the season. The competition at this level is intense and this level advances up to the national finals

Memorization Awards:
There are several different memory award levels that quizzers can attain.
1. League Memorization Award – Quizzers must quote one chapter from each league’s portions before that league. Quoting 4 chapters during the season by accomplishing one chapter every league will qualify for this award.
2. GA Memorization Award – Quoting each chapter from John in one sitting during the season with 4 -10 mistakes allowed per chapter depends on the number of verses in the chapter. For example, if the chapter has 20 or less verses, then 4 mistakes are allowed. Same way, for 21-30 verses 5 mistakes are allowed and accordingly 70 or more verses, 10 mistakes are allowed.
3. National Memorization Award – Quoting each chapter from John in one sitting during the season with 4 mistakes or less regardless of the verses in each chapter. Chapters will depend on quizzer’s league level.
4. Master Memorization Award – Quoting the entirety of the Gospel of John in one sitting within 60 minutes with 7 mistakes or less in the entirety of the material.

The main purpose of this ministry is, sowing the Word of God in young minds. Competition is the source we use to encourage and motivate the learners. As parents and society, we might not see the fruit immediately, but we know that God’s Word will never go void without fulfilling its purpose. With that hope many parents in this ministry are dedicating their time and energy to passionately help their children learn God’s Word despite worldly struggles. Let’s have a fruitful season to inspire the young generation towards the God’s Word!

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But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
To Him be glory both now and forever! Amen. 2 Peter 3:18