Atlanta Tamil Church

ATC Youth Fellowship

Atlanta Tamil Church Youth Fellowship meets every Sunday after the main worship songs in the youth fellowship hall. The main reason behind starting a youth fellowship is to give today’s youth a guided environment to explore God’s word, to ask questions, test what the Bible says and finally to witness the Word of God come alive in their lives. As a church It also provides a foundation for the future adults to be rooted in God’s Word. This is achieved by what the Bible teaches “The transformation from within “.

The course of the fellowship for 2011:  
1.  Praise and Worship– To empower the music talents of the youth,  and to give them their own identity we  formed our music team . During Praise and Worship every sunday, we encourage the youth to explore and use their talents for God’s glory. To support the youth in this regards, We have Youth Praise and Worship in the main service on the last sunday of every alternate months. click here for the calender.

2. Creative Volunteering– To empower the youth for outreach. We involve them in team building activities to help others on a saturday every alternate month. click here for the calender.

3. Bible Teaching – To empower the spirutual growth of the youth, we have started a series on the difference in perceptions of our mind and God’s spirit. This is based on Romans 12:2 . click here for the calender.

Calender for 2011 :

Month Activity
Jan 2011 30th Jan – ATC  Youth Praise and Worship sunday
Feb 2011 Youth volunteered to help in church in BBC
March 2011 27th March – ATC Youth Praise and Worship Sunday.
April 2011 16th Apr – Painting Project for Youth Fellowship hall.
May 2011 29th May – ATC Youth Praise and Worship Sunday.


Moving forward, we intend to add more programs for the Youth to be involved in the community to make a difference by using the talents god has given them. This fellowship will provide opportunities for the Youth to find an alternative to express their talents and also add value to others’ lives.

Course covered during 2010:
 Bible discussion on the book of JOHN. This is a guided discussion to stay within the topic and learn as much practical implications of the topic. The book of JOHN is also the topic for the Teen Bible Quiz (TBQ). So the deeper the study, the better the preparation for TBQ too.