Atlanta Tamil Church

Sunday Worship Services

At Atlanta Tamil church, our Sunday morning Praise & Worship Service starts at 10:00 am. The Worship service starts with Opening prayer. After the opening prayer, the Worship team and the choir members with musicians lead the congregation to Praise and Worship God in Truth and in Spirit for approximately 40 minutes. After the Praise and Worship is over, one of the elders lead us to Prayer of the Week. After the prayer of the week, the members are allowed to glorify God through their testimonies for both spiritual and material blessings what they received from God. Then one of the elders will pray for the members who requested the church to pray for any specific needs. After this the Pastor prays for the people who are celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries in the following week. Also, the Pastor introduces and welcomes the guests of the church. After this, Pastor Rev. Palmer Paramadhas preaches the Word of God for at least 40 minutes. Once the preaching is over, he prays for the Offerings and the choir sings a song while the offering is collected. Then one of the elders do the announcement of the church for the coming week. Finally the Pastor closes the service with Blessing Prayer and Benediction.

From time to time, we have special visiting speakers in our midst who also share the Word and minister to the congregation.

Every 1st Sunday of the month we have Holy communion in our Church. And every 2nd Sunday of the month, we have fellowship lunch at Atlanta Tamil Church. We also have other activities for adults, kids & youth. Please visit the services page to learn more about our other Church activities.